Welcome to gwemlightcurves’s documentation!

Installing gwemlightcurves

The easiest method to install gwemlightcurves is using pip directly from the GitHub repository:

$ pip install git+https://github.com/mcoughlin/gwemlightcurves

How to run gwemlightcurves

The main product of this package is the command-line executable run_parameterized_models.py and run_parameterized_models_event.py

To run an analysis:

$ run_parameterized_models_event.py --posterior_samples something --name something

For a full list of command-line argument and options, run

$ run_parameterized_models_event.py --help

For more details see Running run_parameterized_models_event.py on the command line.

Package documentation

Please consult these pages for more details on using gwemlightcurves:

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